The National Water Sports Centre, in the heart of Nottinghamshire hosts a world class training facility and equipment, which allows us to deliver the highest standard of training courses in the UK.

We've a highly qualified team of instructors, changing facilities, an on-site café, multiple spectator areas, indoor classrooms and a training facility, with our training facility frequently used by beginners and world class athletes across multiple disciplines.

Whether you're a complete beginner wishing to take your first splash into paddling or a seasoned paddler looking to improve your performance, we've got a course for you!


Paddle UK Safety and Rescue Courses. 

Our expertly ran safety courses will give you all of the skills and knowledge to be able to get yourself out of any trouble within the water. These courses will provide you with the tools required to solve common paddling issues.


Paddle UK Leadership Awards

Our leadership courses will help you develop your skills to be able to safely lead a group of paddlers using a range of crafts. 

Coaching and Instructing

Paddle UK Coaching Awards

Develop the skills and knowledge needed to safely complete a coaching award. These courses are exciting and engaging whilst giving you the skills to develop future paddlers. 

Upcoming Courses


22nd April 2023 - Discover and Paddle Safer - Combined course

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May 13th 2023 - Sheltered Water SUP

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June 10th 2023 - Paddlesport Safety and Rescue Course

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July 12th 2023 - Paddlesport Safety and Rescue Course

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